Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Somalia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Somalia - Essay Example The international community has on many occasions tried to establish a democratic Somali, the most recent being the Transition Federal Government(TFG) that was overrun by the Union of Islamic Courts(UIC) in 2006. Just as in the previous administration, TFG was plagued by intense power struggles among the different factions and clans that eventually undermined its objectives of democratizing the country. Since then, Somali remains a failed state characterized by unstructured rules by Islamic factions and more piracy in the high seas (Samatar, 1991, p9). In order to transform the country from the current state to a democratic country, high sense of patriotism and nationalism among all Somali clans should be established so that they can tolerate each other and respect the rule of law. According to Laitin (1977, pp26-29), establishing a constitution that has the support of the majority people is a fundamental requirement for establishing democracy in a country. Equally important, the con stitution should be enforced by independent and strong institutional framework where rule of the land reigns over personal or specific groups.

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