Sunday, April 26, 2020

Old Man and the Sea Summary free essay sample

At noon, a giant marlin takes the bait. The marlin is so big that it started pulling on Santiago’s boat, so Santiago has no choice but to go with it, hoping that it would grow tired soon. Two days and nights pass, and the poor fisherman bears the tension with his own body. On the third day, he is almost in delirium. With his last energy, he pulls the marlin near the boat and then kills the marlin by stabbing it with a harpoon. Santiago is very happy, because it will be worth a fortune. Unfortunately, on his way home, the blood from the Marlin is leaving a trail, and slowly, sharks come. Santiago’s first enemy is a Mako Shark. He stabs it with the harpoon, but looses the harpoon in the process. Not wanting to be vulnerable to the other incoming sharks, he takes a knife and plants it onto an oar, and uses it as a weapon. We will write a custom essay sample on Old Man and the Sea Summary or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He slays five sharks, and drives away more. Even though he kills and drives away many, more and more sharks come, and eat the marlin, leaving only its skeleton. Santiago finally reaches home, and then falls into a deep sleep. The next day, a group of fishermen gather at Santiago’s boat, and measures the skeleton. It measures 18 feet, and the tourists mistakenly think it is a shark. All the fishermen are amazed by Santiago’s catch, and praise him. Santiago realizes that he is finally redeemed. The fishermen finally accept him, and even admire him. Meanwhile, Manolin realizes that the old man is safe and asleep, and cries in joy and brings him coffee and newspapers. When the old man finally awakens, he promises Manolin to fish together again. The old fisherman returns to his sleep and dreams of lions on an African beach. The theme of this story is worthiness. Even though he did not think he was successful and worthy, the people around him thought he was. He showed all the fishermen and the boy that he was a worthy fisherman.

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