Monday, September 23, 2019

Global warming Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 8

Global warming - Essay Example (1). The term global warming does not merely connote to an increase in the temperature but also envisages an overall climatic change. Because of this change in temperature and climate, economy, human health, and the ecosystems can encounter drastic consequences. The main pollutant to atmosphere that contributes to global warming is carbon dioxide, which causes warming in atmosphere. Other pollutants such as fossil fuel, methane gas and green house gases also are act as warming agents. Unfortunately, human beings are the ones who cause this imbalance between life and earth and the consequences have already reached disastrous proportions. CO2 emitted from â€Å"power plants and vehicles† play a crucial role in increasing CO2 concentration in the atmosphere (Wang & Chameides 36). Certain other human activities that entail degradation of wild life, â€Å"spread of homes and infrastructure† and sinking of costal land also adds pace to the process of global warming (Wang & Chameides 36). Global warming triggers killer heat waves, drought, forest pests, wildfires and contributes to rising sea level, shrinking snowpack, disappearance of glaciers, disintegrating polar ice, melting permafrost damage to coral reefs, shifting species rang es and yearly cycles and disease outbreaks (36). Besides, it also causes considerable harm to the ecosystem apart fro damaging agriculture and animal habitats. In addition, increase in atmospheric temperature may result in death of life forms, including human beings, due to the unbearable heat and drought. Wild fires can cause loss in â€Å"forestry, agriculture, and electric power sectors† (Wang & Chameides 36). High rates of evaporation may result in an increase in water vapor in air, which can cause heavy rainfall and flooding. Intense evaporation may also entail loss of moisture from soil and consequently droughts can occur (36). Evidence further points to the fact that over the course of 20th century, sea level has

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