Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Managing Finance Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managing Finance - Research Proposal Example it mainly emphasizes on the projecting the demands (De-Almeida & William, 2014). Therefore, Wal-Mart mainly use of the flexible and static budgeting process and procedures. It is dependent on the forecasted demands that are based on the past sales and projections of the new products, season, consumer behavior and perception for developing budgeting processes. The management accounting system of Wal-Mart have been constantly changed and upgraded according to the advancement in the information technology and business environment. Currently, the company emphasizes on Just In Time, Inventory management and Economic Quantity Order techniques used in its management accounting system (Anon., 2014). However, these management accounting systems of the company has been amended with the passage of time. Wal-mart is focused on the low costing strategies. Hence, the adoption and changes in the management accounting systems of the company has been taken place time to time. The determinant to prevailing changes in the management accounting system is dependent on the external factors that the company aims to anticipate. The costing processes of Wal-Mart are very well maintained and are done by professional auditors all over the globe. The practices carried out in the factories are analyzed and are further characterized so that better check and balance can be made. The requirement standards of Wal-Mart, Labor policies, the payroll of the workforce, the rules and regulations provided by the Law are being followed within the factory or not? And the health and safety conditions are the essential of the â€Å"Audit Reviews†. After the examination of the practices of the factories Wal-Mart takes the decision to work with the factories or not (Bandy, 2013). The Wal-Mart is working in three major businesses. The priority of the organization is to improve the financial organization; this is due to the drastic changes in the financial sector. The

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