Saturday, September 28, 2019

How to buy a used car Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

How to buy a used car - Essay Example Do merciless bargaining without any hesitation,† he cautioned me. When I reached the umbrella shop, the shopkeeper had just opened the shutters, and I was his first customer of the day. I selected an umbrella, looked at the price tag and exclaimed â€Å"Oh, my God!† and showed my disinclination. The price was $60. â€Å"Don’t you worry? You are my first customer of the day I will give you the discount of 10% and will make it $54† he said. Remembering the golden advice of my guide I said, â€Å"Can you make it $30?† He short back, though not angrily, â€Å"Do you think we make 100% profits?† I was not interested in arguments, and I was about to move. â€Å"Well, take it, you see I am a bit superstitious by nature and you are the first customer of the day. The deal is done†, he said. I decided I must engage this man in shameless bargaining. I said, â€Å"Sorry, I just now recollect I have seen similar umbrellas in the 10Dollar Shop.† The shopkeeper was shocked and said, â€Å"Leave it then†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I was about to move, he held me by my hand and said in a low tone, â€Å"Why don’t you understand †¦your are my first customer and I don’t want to spoil my mood for the entire day, by disappointing the first customer†¦well, take it†. I had chosen my dealer carefully after the google search for days together and after listening to the agony of buying the used cars from my friends and relatives. One of my friends had told me curtly, â€Å"Buy a second hand car, if you wish to buy incurable headaches.† The engine of the first car that I examined was roaring as if it was about to declare war on me and I was its sworn enemy. â€Å"The sound will gradually die down as it picks up speed† the dealer assured me. â€Å"This is the best in the lot considering your price range. If you increase the range by $1000 dollars, I will show you better models. Let me assure you, I am an honest and straightforward dealer. I show to the customers

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