Thursday, October 17, 2019

A simple reply letter to a councillor, all materials provided. 2pages Essay

A simple reply letter to a councillor, all materials provided. 2pages Writer #381 - Essay Example For that reason, we would argue that the benefit of even just one more youth center would far surpass the cost. The problem as we see it is that the enormous potential of how youth centers help kids on their path toward maturity is far more difficult to quantify than a mere cost analysis can do. The most important element in CBD Renewal Project is that middle term-renewal. Renewal of a project carries with connotations that reach well beyond merely creating a more attractive faade. In order to fully renew a community, a long term vision is required that not only presents a more attractive front, but an entirely new foundation. The dilapidated facilities that you mentioned in your kind letter are best viewed as just one dimension to the more complex issue of rebuilding the broken spirit of our community. It was the breaking of that spirit that led to the decay of these buildings. A youth center is important not only in immediate terms of financial and social benefits, but as a basis upon which to build and strengthen the very vitality of the neighborhood in which is centered. We respect your position and knowledge enough to suggest, with all modesty, that we are just as concerned as you about renewing the g

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