Thursday, October 31, 2019

Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 39

Journal - Essay Example The French government colonized Haiti at a time when slavery was as an aspect that would amount to great economic growth. From Dubois’ assertions, french government actually led to the increase in poverty level in Haiti through forcing Haiti government to take a loan from them that they would use to compensate slaves. The U.S is also to blame for Haiti’s poor economic growth; the U.S made Haiti be over depended on foreign support. Dubois, however, provides some different assertions offered for Haiti’s troubles. For instance, he mentions a religious leader that insisted that Haiti faces many natural calamities since they had sold themselves to the devil; practiced voodoo culture. Another claim points out that Haiti’s poverty results from the leadership it has had after it gained independence. Most of these leaders who happened to be freed slaves had greed and focused much on accumulating wealth for themselves, thereby creating corruption and dictatorship. Certainly, from my assumption, I think Haitians, the French Government and U.S government have to take responsibility for Haiti’s misfortunes. However, the blame should be more on the Haitians. Certainly, natural calamities such as earthquakes are rather unavoidable. However, shameful factors such as neocolonialism, corruption, poverty, crime, and poor economic growth can be because of certain actions from people. The Haitians should take blame for their high level of poverty, corruption and poor economic growth. The level of poverty in Haiti results from the corrupt and unstable governments that have existed (Wilentz), and incompetent citizens. In addition, poor economic growth also results from the high level of crime and corruption done by the Haitians themselves. Therefore, Haitians should stop blaming occurrences in history for their failures. However, the blame on the U.S government for increasing Haiti’s over dependence on foreign aid is justifiable. By doing this, the U.S

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