Friday, October 25, 2019

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Executive summary This report discusses how management prepares them to anticipate change in the business environment in the long run and short run too. Change is very important for each and every organization in today’s world because world today has become a daily changing place and in order to keep pace with the changing world we need to bring about a constant change in our organizations, too. There are certain methods by which the senior management can prepare them for anticipating the need for change. The first method is by doing a detailed research and studying for the change. The second method involves having the awareness about the ever changing needs of people and the change process. The third method discusses about having a complete understanding about the compulsion and urgency for change. Lastly, being mentally tough for the change process is the fourth method to prepare the management for anticipating change in the short and long run. Introduction: Change is a constant and ingoing process in an organization. Change can be defined as one of the many characteristics of organization development. The change efforts are based on the analysis of particular problems and their purpose is to attain specific goals. Change is not an easy thing to implement and anticipate. It is a difficult and a challenging process; therefore the management has to take certain steps in order to prepare them for antedating the change in business environment. The senior management can prepare themselves for a change through studying and researching about change, by having a sound awareness about the change process and by understanding the necessity of change and by being mentally tough about the change process. All in all, a constant change is ... ...reparing them for anticipating the need for change that will be necessary for the organization. This is most applicable for the long run change because if the senior management is working for the environment today they will be efficient to keep a check on the long range changes too, that are being forecasted for the future. Conclusion: Change is required for all types of organizations and in every field. Whether the change is long range or short range the senior management will have to prepare them for the change process. The factors that can prepare the senior management to anticipate change are consciousness about the change, research and study, identifying the necessity for change and the mental toughness for change process. The senior management must possess these factors in order to prepare them for anticipating the long range as well as the short range change.

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