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Diversity Audit Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Diversity Audit - Research Paper Example This unit examines a newly created organization and the effects of application of diversity audit on its operations. Creating an Organization A thriving organization ought to be effectual and well-organized in its operations. An effectual organization should be unique and should take into deliberation its staff and clients needs. A good example of a business organization is the bread baking industry. The organization takes into deliberation of its client’s satisfaction, as a result, serves both its interests and the community’s interests (Collins, Denis, 153). Company’s Background and History on One Page The bread baking organization has been in operation for the last two years. The company has organization chart, which governs the daily running of behavior inside the organization. The chart is prearranged according to the flow of authority within the company. The person at the top of the company is the boss followed by the assistant boss. Third in the position a re the departmental managers, and lastly are the employees. The company was started because of the high demand that was prevalent in society (Collins, 231). The manager He or she is the individual who supervise the day by day running of the organization. He makes all the judgments pertaining to the daily running of the organization. ... Their roles include coordinating the activities within the company to yield the maximum profits. Workers They are individuals the company employs to aid in the production process. They possess unique skills because of working in a range of departments with dissimilar task to perform. The company has engaged a total of two hundred employees. Conducting a Diversity Audit on the Organization The company’s objective is to satisfy the clients need while maximizing the company’s profits. The organization’s objectives are achievable only when the company’s aspects are reviewed to examine the effective ones from the non-effective ones, as a consequence there is a need to carry a diversity audit on the company. Evaluation and Recommendations for the Organization In Terms Of the Diversity Audit The diversity facilitates evaluation of the company’s merits and demerits. It assesses the company’s procedures, strategies and administration to determine area s where to review to lead to a positive change in the company. The evaluation of the company’s workers is that they are not properly aggravated; as a result, they do not give the company their bests. Secondly the policies of the business do not cater for the employees entire requirements. The promotion criterion in the strategies does not consider the firms employees, since there are no set criteria in the firm for promoting the employees. Lastly, the diversity audits conducted on the management showed the management was not contended with their basic wages, as a result, there did not effectively supervise the firm’s daily operations. After the diversity audit, there are a variety of proposals implemented to make

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